DubMuster Package is a set of software\'s that help professional...

DubMuster Package is a set of software's that help professional audio, musician, and composers to Imitate,transform and to create many vocal and music effects like pitch shifting vocal tract ,music speed, change segments or build a copmelete chorus up to 99 different voices from only one voice file in off line and real time.

Handling 44. 100Sps 16Bits Stereo WAV signal format. Gender setting and converting (male, female and child) For each file Handling WAV files Playing each segment independently.

Digitally scales for accurate process Inspection. Accurate manual adjusting. Using existing audio hardware device. Multi Tasking andmulti files analysis and processing.

Sound Processing. Recording changes and resultsMicrophone or Aux device input. This package include the full features of VIR software:- Vocal Imitation- Vocal Transformation- Music Transformation- Chorus Producer- SoundMania.

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